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Remote Facilities on Site

During the past few years, our company has been widely known as one of the biggest supplier of “Porta Camps”.

This kind of camps are made of shipping container, which is necessarily needed in Remote areas, when permanent building is not an option.

By using Porta camps, you may move your assets to follow your project.

For some areas, with undeveloped access road, we can also offer fully knockdown Porta camps or prefabricated buildings.

Standard 20’ or 40’ modified shipping container, this can be used for remote office, accommodations, meeting room, lunch room, public toilet/shower, etc.

By using modified container as portacamps, customers get several benefits:

  • Speed on manufacturing (much faster than preparing permanent buildings)
  • Movable (following your projects)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Cheaper price.
  • Can be modified to customize your needs in tems of applications,interior etc,just like normal building
  • Government Building Permit is no longer necessary.
  • Earth Quake and Wind resistance


Please visit  to get more information about Porta Camps.

Modified Container

Modified container can be made for any needs such as Houses, Café, compact warehouse, office complex, etc

Leave your imagination for Permanent Building, and start considering Modified Container.


Knockdown type of Modified Container

Knockdown Modified Container is a solution for cheaper transportation, while big volumes are necessary on site (minimum quantity of 20 units/shipment).

Prefabricated Buildings

For some remote areas, while modified container is not possible, our team may offer you to build prefab building, which will be prefabricated in our workshop and will be shipped to Site.

Speed, easy maintenance and qualified team will ensure our building meets your expectation.

Building Camps has never been so easy now

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